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Transcend Micro: Your-Go-To Travel CPAP

As anyone who travels for fun or work knows, finding extra space for those extra bits and pieces and making sure the luggage is light is critical. While travelling, it is very important that you do not compromise on your health and CPAP therapy so you can enjoy your travel activities.  The Transcend Micro is the newest and smallest Travel CPAP currently in the market that allows you to travel without having to compromise space in your luggage for all the essential items including your CPAP.  Developed by the Original Travel CPAP Manufacturer, the Transcend Micro continues to set the benchmark for Travel CPAPs with its innovative technology and size.  The Transcend Micro is much smaller than you home device and is easily accommodated in your cabin baggage, so you don’t have to carry a separate CPAP case.

Transcend travel cpap
stylish woman with suitcase and bag walking on street near modern airport terminal

Transcend Micro: Your-Go-To Travel CPAP

The Transcend Micro is FAA approved so you can safely use it when travelling by plane*. With the optional PowerAway TM P8 portable battery you can power your CPAP up to 14 hours run time depending on factors such as your pressure settings*.  While Travel CPAPs are generally quiet, the sound may still be bothersome for some users, especially the sound travelling up the tube to the mask.  Transcend Micro comes standard with the WhisperSoft TM Muffler which will dampen some of the sound.

*You should also check with your airlines about their CPAP policies.