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Transcend Micro - Portable Travel CPAP Machine

Whether you are a globetrotter, explorer, or daily commute for work, what’s utmost important for you is a good night’s sleep. But if you suffer from sleep apnea? How can you get a restful sleep every day with constant traveling? You need a portable travel CPAP machine & your ticket to peaceful sleep no matter where life may lead you.
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What is a Travel CPAP Machine?

A travel CPAP machine is a portable device for convenient sleep apnea therapy on the go. Due to this compact size, this travel-friendly device is easy to use while traveling. It’s ideal for people who often travel for leisure or work and want to stick to their regular sleep apnea treatment regimen.


Advantages of Travel CPAP Machine

When considering buying a travel CPAP machine, many users keep in mind the following advantages:
  1. Compact Design: A compact design of a travel CPAP machine makes it an easy fit in any lifestyle without occupying much space in a bag.
  2. Flexibility to Off-Grid Traveling: Using optional power options that some CPAP manufacturers provide, people can enjoy off-grid flexibility without giving up on a night of restful sleep. Just take out the device from your bag, connect to the optional portable battery and start using it to get instant relief whenever required.
  3. Maximum Comfort: Since a travel CPAP device is easy to use anywhere, anytime, you get maximum comfort without any hassle.
  4. Undisturbed Sleep Enjoy undisturbed sleep with your travel-friendly CPAP device while traveling, camping, or any other outdoor location.

Travel CPAP Vs. Home-Based CPAPs

Home-based CPAPs are the mainstay of your sleep hygiene, but because of their size and weight, they may be challenging to transport. One should be able to explore new areas without being limited by the weight of traditional equipment. However, a Travel CPAP machine is a compact and lightweight solution to put your sleep first without compromising on your therapy regime.

Although home-based CPAPs offer a comfortable sleeping environment within a living space, they are not portable when traveling. Therefore, many travelers these days prefer a small CPAP machine when on the move.

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Should I get a standard CPAP machine or a Travel CPAP device?

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose between a Travel CPAP machine and a regular CPAP machine. If portability is important to you and you travel often, a Travel CPAP machine is a small, light alternative to a home based larger CPAP. To find the ideal solution for your sleep apnea therapy needs, take into account variables like, humidification requirements, power options, size, weight and your lifestyle. You may also speak with your healthcare practitioner about this. Some cpap users choose to use both kinds to have a complete solution for situations at home and on the road.

Do I need a prescription for a travel CPAP Machine?

Yes, in many cases, a prescription is essential while carrying a travel CPAP machine. However, the regulations may vary from country to country. So, keep in mind the country-based regulations to stay aware of the location-specific requirements.
Do I need a prescription for a travel CPAP Machine?

Why Choose the Transcend Micro?

  1. Portability Redefined Transcend Micro is a portable CPAP marvel. With dimensions of 9.1 cm diameter and weighing only 219 grams, this handy powerhouse revolutionizes the way one sleeps on the go.
  2. More Relaxed Sleep It automatically modifies the pressure to help you fall asleep and breathe more easily. By lowering pressure during exhale, the AirRelief function improves comfort level all around.
  3. Whisper-Quiet Operation Now enjoy an undisturbed sleep with only 27 decibel whisper quiet operation. The Micro also comes with the WhisperSoft muffler to reduce sound even further ensuring a tranquil sleep environment, meeting the requirements of light sleepers.
  4. Battery Power and Solar Charging With its PowerAway P8 Multi Night Battery, you can easily sleep anywhere you want. The Transcend Portable Solar Panel generates energy from the sun’s energy to recharge the PowerAway Battery when off grid.
  5. Compatibility with most CPAP Masks* Another good thing is that Transcend Micro seamlessly integrates with most CPAP masks with its standard 22mm connection. *Not compatible with ResMed AIrMini specific masks.
  6. Transcend Drying Mode Transcend Micro comes with a one-click drying mode that offers a 30-minute drying cycle to remove excess moisture from the mask and tubing after therapy. This helps in reducing bacterial growth while making the CPAP ready for next use. The drying mode can also be used to dry the tube and mask after washing.
  7. Monitor Your Sleep Bluetooth technology tracks, monitors, and shares your sleep progress with the MySleepDash app.

Checklist Before You Travel

  1. Pack the CPAP Machine in a Bag – While traveling, pack your portable CPAP machine in its original travel bag. This keeps the device safe and damage-free when you travel.
  2. Pack CPAP Accessories – Pack CPAP accessories in a bag with the CPAP travel machine or separately. For instance, you need to carry your Transcend PowerAway P8 multi-night CPAP battery with you for off-grid machine usage.
  3. Prescription – Take a copy of your prescription from your doctor to show to Airport security or buy an urgent replacement of your machine (in case it breaks down due to any unexpected circumstance).
  4. Airlines’ guidelines – It is imperative that you read the airline’s policies before buying a ticket from them. By taking this step, you may be confident that you have all the paperwork you need and can start travelling.
Checklist Before You Travel

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Transcend Micro Travel CPAP is perfect for those who suffer from sleep apnea and are constantly on the move. The Transcend Micro provides a perfect combination of functionality and portability to the users due to its size, weight and functionality. So, users can maintain their sleep therapy regimen no matter where they travel.  Furthermore, the device comes packed with powerful features to boost its effectiveness. Hence, it delivers consistent and reliable therapy, offering you the much-needed support for a restful night’s sleep. 

Like all CPAPs the Transcend CPAP delivers therapy from the CPAP to the user. The user can use their existing CPAP if theory already have one* or they can purchase a new one. The tubing*Not compatible with ResMed AIrMini specific masks.

The Transcend Micro comes with an AC (wall) power adapter to use when you are at your home or hotel. When traveling, camping, or on an airplane, you can use the optional Transcend PowerAway P8 portable battery. The battery can also be used as a CPAP power source during power outages.
Transcend Micro comes with an AirMist Waterless Humidification System Starter Kit. Using the technology of Heat Moisture exchange, the Waterless Humidification System uses moisture from the individual to provide humidification.
Yes, you can carry your Transcend Micro CPAP machine on an airplane with you. Many airlines allow their passengers to carry their medical equipment, including portable CPAP machines, with their carry-on luggage. It’s recommended to inform the airlines before traveling and also carry your doctor’s prescription if required. You even may have to show your CPAP machine and prescription at security checkpoints at an airport.
The Transcend Micro CPAP is compatible with most CPAP masks* you find in the market. Transcend Micro becomes a versatile choice for people looking for a compact CPAP solution while using the CPAP mask of their choice. *Not compatible with ResMed AIrMini specific masks.
Please feel free to contact for any assistance you require. They are ready to assist with answering your questions and offer the required direction.