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Reasons to Choose the Transcend Micro CPAP

Innovative Compact Design: As the first and original travel cpap company, you simply cannot beat the innovation, technology, versatility and convenience of the legendary Transcend CPAPs. The Transcend Micro builds on its history of innovation, by developing and providing CPAP users who travel the Transcend Micro, the smallest lightest travel CPAP packed full of features that allows you to maintain your lifestyle wherever you are.

Sleep Comfortably-Anywhere: Forget about leaving your larger, in-home CPAP machine when you are on the go. Offering all the performance of a bulky and larger home CPAP, the Transcend Micro allows you to enjoy the convenience of a small cpap that you can use while travelling or even at home. The Transcend Micro has all the features and performance of the larger CPAPs but in a convenient small and lightweight package. With space and weight now a critical part of travelling whether it is on a place of your caravan or your backpack, the Transcend Micro has you covered with smallest lightest CPAP in the market today. You can wake up everyday refreshed knowing you have your CPAP with you all the time.

FAA Approved for Comfortable Travel: Transcend Micro Travel CPAP is FAA-Approved for use during flights. No longer do you have to worry about your in-flight sleep, especially with the extended duration of long haul flights. With Transcend Micro you can take your small light Travel CPAP on board in your hand luggage, briefcase or purse and wake up feeling fresh and ready to go when you get to your next destination. Yes, the Transcend Micro is that small and light!

Nearly-Silent Operation: A key benefit of the Transcend Micro CPAP is its whisper-quiet motor. Utilising innovative Air-Bearing technology and vibration dampening, Transcend Micro has been measured at 27dB. This should level is considered to as quite as a whisper! To dampen the noise that goes up the tube to the mask which some users find irritating, Transcend Micro comes standard with a proprietary innovative muffler that can be connected to the CPAP tube.

Award-winning device: From the very first Travel CPAP, the Transcend CPAPs have been innovative bringing new technology and design to their all their products. Transcend Micro is the latest and most innovative travel CPAP in the market today. With its small size and weight the Transcend Micro has once again set the benchmark for all other Travel CPAPs.