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Transcend WhisperSoftTM Muffler

When you are travelling and sleeping in an unfamiliar place, it can sometimes be harder to fall asleep and stay asleep due to foreign sounds and unknown sleeping arrangements. The last thing you want when traveling is a loud CPAP machine.

Somnetics designed the Transcend Micro with sound and vibration dampening technology to reduce the amount of noise expelled from the machine. It has a unique air-bearing blower to deliver your therapy air without the sound of excessive blowing air.

Quieter than a whisper, the Transcend Micro has a noise level of 27 decibels, which is comparable to the sound of rustling leaves. As the sound levels can vary depending on your settings and type of mask you can choose to use the included WhisperSoftTM Muffler that will dampen some of the noise going up the tube. 

When using a CPAP there can be some tube acoustic noise as you breathe in and out. The muffler is designed to dampen that noise. To reduce the sound of the sound going up the breathing hose to the mask while on CPAP Therapy at the night, you can use the patented WhisperSoftTM Muffler from Transcend. The muffler has been designed to dampen the sound output for you and your partner.  It does this by baffling the air as it passes through the chamber. By doing this the sound of air passing through the tubing is greatly reduced.   

Mufflers have the same principle of those used with cars.  In cars, they dampen the noise of the motor and exhaust system. A muffler that is used with a CPAP has the same principle in that it has been designed to dampen the acoustic noise that is transmitted through the breathing circuit to the patient’s mask. 

Please note when a user switches to a new machine, it can often sound a lot louder at first even when it isn’t on paper. In addition, the noise characteristics of each CPAP will be different even if they have the same decibel rating. There are many other factors that may affect the sound characterises that an individual may encounter.  More details can be found in the section sound and travel CPAPs.

The sound characteristics of a travel cpap such as the Transcend Travel Micro may not suit everyone, and users must consider that the cpap they are considering may sound louder than during therapy.  The purchaser of the Transcend Micro CPAP must take into account the cpap they have chosen to purchase may not be the right unit for them as the sound levels during usage may not be to their acceptance levels for good nights sleep. Please consider this before purchasing your CPAP.

Installation is very simple. Just attach the short piece of tubing to the air outlet of the Transcend Micro. Then plug the muffler to the other side of the short tubing. Connect standard the hose and mask to the other end of the muffler.  You are now ready to go.