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Transcend Micro CPAP with Muffler and AirMist Starter Kit and P8 Battery

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Transcend Micro CPAP

The New Transcend Micro is the world’s smallest and lightest Travel CPAP available in the market-weighing just 218 grams and only 9.1 cm in diameter. It is that small and light!

Transend Micro Auto Travel CPAP WhisperSoft Muffler

The Transcend WhisperSoft Muffler is designed to reduce the sound that is coming from the tubing to provide you with a peaceful night of sleep. This muffler will drastically reduce the acoustic sound that is often heard coming from the tube and mask.

Transcend Micro CPAP AirMist replaceable cartridges

The cartridges when connected to the reusable AirMist HME Adapter trap heat and moisture from the exhaled breath, releasing them during the next inhalation to provide heat and humidity.

Transcend PowerAway P8 Travel Multi-Night CPAP Battery

This small, robust CPAP battery delivers up to two nights* of therapy in a compact and lightweight design. The FAA-approved Transcend P8 battery measures only 10.9cm x 8.0cm x 4.2 cm -slightly larger than a deck of cards and weighs approximately 450 grams, making it ultra-light and perfectly portable for your next trip.

4 reviews for Transcend Micro CPAP with Muffler and AirMist Starter Kit and P8 Battery

  1. John Bryant

    Much quieter than the AirMini I owned. No need to purchase expensive packs; I can use any mask I prefer. Appreciate the fast shipping, thank you!

  2. Cliff Kopp

    Great product! Perfect for my travel needs. Used it on planes and trains without any issues. Paired it with a portable battery from the same company for 14 days now. Super quiet, button lights turn off after it ramps up. The ramp feature is smooth but took a bit to get used to since it starts at a low pressure. Appreciate the small touch of the power button marked with a braille “dot” for easy touch identification.

  3. Sid Shrestha

    Using a CPAP for more than 15 years, and as someone who travels extensively for work, this machine is a must-have! I must say, it’s a bit noisier, but incredibly effective!

  4. Greg Blue

    This adorable little device is quiet, powerful, lightweight, and compact. Even without the muffler, the noise level (or lack thereof) is fantastic! I regret not buying it sooner. Now, it’s time to shop for a smaller suitcase!

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